• Specifications

        Power Rate:60W、120W、180W、240W

        CCT:5000K, 5700K, 6500K

        •  Individual 60W Light Module, with 84pcs LED. The efficacy is up to 155lm/W.

        •  Viewing angles of 15° , 25° , 40° , 60° , 75° , 90° , 120° , 30°  x70° , 136°x78° , 49° x21° , for various applications


    •  High purity Aluminum Materials for the housing

    •  Expert thermal management design for the heatsink

    •  Linear lighting module 60W

    •  Customer orientation design for the easy assembly at luminaire level

    •  The driver box at the rear of heatsink, to protect the connectors and

    avoid the physical and biological damage, and make sure the IP 67

    •  Good-looking industrial design and module concept for the better

    inventory management

    •  Classic 6V 3030 LED package, with no patent risk globally

    •  Anti-UV PC materials for the lens, with no patent risk globally

    •  IP67 rating for various outdoor application and harsh environment

    •  Multi brand availability of outdoor drivers: Philips, OSRAM, Meanwell,

    Sosen, MOSO

    •  Driver excluded

    Unique Advantage:

    •  Easy assembly at luminaire level, thanking the module design

    •  High-efficiency inventory management by module

    •  Many viewing angles for different venues

    •  Patented, with no patent risk globally

    •  Suspension and Ceiling installation

    •  Linear Light in outdoor environment, ports, warehouses, factories, tunnel, mines

    •  Individual 60W for the easy installation on project sites

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