• Specifications

        Size: Φ35*8.3MM

        Angle: 18°、24°、36°、60°

        Light source: 1313、1515、1304

        Material: PMMA


    •  4 different angles

    •  Zhaga Standard

    •  High compatibility of installation

    •  Compatible with multi color temperature

    •  High Extensibility

    Material information

    •  Antidazzle Cover:PC Lens :PMMA LENS Holder:PC COB Holder:PC

    •  The working temperature is:PMMA -40ºC~+90ºC、PC-35ºC~+120ºC

    •  Storage environment temperature is 0ºC~40ºC,humidity is 30%~95%

    Application Notes

    •  Please use a litter water and soft fabric (air-laid paper) to clean the lens if necessary.

    •  Forbid to use industrial solvent to clean the lens, such as alcohol.

    •  Optic Lens has the function to change the ray of light, it is made of optical material, the effect shall be influenced once pollute. Please do not open the packing before use it,to avoid the dust pollution.

    •  Protect the product from the sun and other ultraviolet ray, as these will lead to aging, change color, crack, etc.

    •  Please ware gloves once install the lens, avoid to abrasion the lens surface.

    •  Forbid to use acidic or alkaline solution touch the product, avoid to generate the chemical reactions.

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