• Specifications


        Voltage range:220-240 VAC

        Frequency:50 Hz

        Max. mains current:0,6 A

        Mains Output

        Output relay:SSR on phase line

        Voltage range:220-240 VAC

        Frequency:50 Hz

        0-10V Output

        Voltage range:0-10 VDC

        Maximum number of drivers connected: 1 pc

        DALI Output

        Voltage range:9-12 VDC

        Maximum number of drivers connected: 1 pc


    CBU-ASD is a wireless control unit for any type of drivers with 0-10V, 1-10V or DALI dimming interface. CBU-ASD is available with either analog 0-10V (and 1-10V) or digital Standalone DALI control interface.

    With Standalone DALI output, CBU-ASD acts both as a controller and as a power supply making it possible to connect directly to an LED driver with DALI interface without the need for an external DALI power supply. This so-called standalone DALI makes it possible to implement multi-channel lighting systems with adjustable color (RGB and RGBW) or color temperature (CCT), while keeping the wiring and number of components at their minimum.

    CBU-ASD does not comply with IEC 60929 and therefore is not designed to be connected to an existing DALI network. The module can be used only in a closed system, i.e. as a part of a lighting system which is not connected to an external DALI network.

    CBU-ASD is controlled wirelessly with Casambi smartphone and tablet applications using Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. The Casambi app can be downloaded free of charge from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    Devices form automatically a secure wireless mesh network so that a large number of luminaires can be controlled from any point. No external gateway module is needed. CBU-ASD can be controlled also from standard on/off wall switches.