What isFlexible LED Strip Lights & Rigid LED Linear Light Bars, Where are they used?

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What are flexible led strip lights?

LED strip light is a strip-sharped printed circuit board with other electronic parts. And when connected to a led power supply, the electricity is converted into light energy, and the LEDs (light emitting diodes) will glow. 

Flexible led strip lights are that printed circuit board is flexible, which gives the possibility of bending. The flexible led light strip is to weld the SMD LED or COB LED chip on the flexible PCB, and with an adhesive tape on the backing, you can paste it anywhere. 

The thickness of the flexible led strip is only the thickness of a coin and does not take up space. And it can be installed even in narrow spaces. 


What are rigid led light bars?

Different from the flexibility of the led flexible strip lights, the LED chips of a rigid led light strip are mounted on a hard circuit board. The rigid led bar lights cannot be bent at will, just a straight line.  

The rigid led strip is based on the flexible led strip light in order to better solve the heat dissipation problem, and the SMD LED is welded on the aluminum substrate, so that the LEDs can get good heat dissipation treatment under long-term working conditions. 

As a led light strip accessory, the LED aluminum channel also can solve the LED heat dissipation problem. Aluminum profiles can be used for flexible led lighting strips and rigid led light bars.


What can flexible led strip lighting be used for?

Flexible SMD LED strip lights emit spot light, and flexible led light silicone diffuser and aluminum led diffuser can be used to evenly diffuse the LED spot light to obtain a soft and linear lighting effect.

Flexible LED strips are installed in soft silicone tubes to form flex LED neon lights, which can be used to design different shapes and decorations.


What can rigid led light do?

Rigid linear LED light fixtures have a solid shape, the led lights are protected by the aluminum housing, good weather resistance, and outdoor IP67 waterproof.

Rigid led wall washer lights are used to create a wall wash lighting effect, highlighting a building or a certain area, suitable for indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, local lighting, or contour lighting.